A message from Julia, our instructor, when she had to leave in March 2021 for medical reasons:

“I’m not leaving Classic City Cycling forever, but I will be gone for a while due to some unforeseen medical circumstances.  It’s crazy to think about what this place has become to me in the last year.  It truly is my home.  It’s where I have become the happiest version of myself, found the truest most beautiful friendships, and found a confidence in myself that I have never known.  To have a place that hurts so bad to leave (even if just for a little while) is such a special thing.  This place is made of the people who fill it, this place is made of support, this place is made of pure love and this place is my home.”

 -Julia Hawkins

“Since joining Classic City Cycling, I have completely fallen in love with the studio and how it makes me feel.  Being a transfer student to UGA this past year and with COVID-19 hitting, transitioning into the Athens community has been hard to say the least.  However, this studio has given me a sense of community again and is a place I genuinely want to go and spend each and every day if possible.  Beyond the community aspect, it also has helped me build confidence in myself that I lacked before, and has given me the motivation to continue to work on improving myself even outside the studio.  First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful space and community here in Athens and I am super grateful that I get to be a part of it!”

-Veronica F.

“Pre-pandemic, I had been living in NYC and pretty obsessed with this one boutique fitness class that was a killer workout, but more importantly, had a “come as your are” vibe — CCC is just like that!  Being able to push myself in a a judgement-free space is what I’m addicted to and keeps me coming back!”

-Alexis B.

“Classic City Cycling really does make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of body type, experience level, and insecurities!  I am definitely one who wishes I can sneak in and out of the back and never be seen, but that’s not possible at CCC.  Everyone knows your name and encourages you to do the best YOU can do!  It is definitely a community.”

-Reaganne C.

“My favorite part of CCC is how immersive the classes are.  I love that while I’m riding, the focus is 100% on what’s happening in that room at that moment.  The beats are strong and I just get to innately move to the rhythm, and the lights create a vibe of focus and intensity that lets me zone in on me, myself, and I.  Moving our bodies and sweating is what we were made to do, so do it and make it fun!”

-Brynn G.