• Get pumped for a fun, challenging, full-body, cardio workout!
  • Make sure you are well hydrated and ready to sweat.
  • If this is your first time riding, please show up at least 15 minutes early to get checked in and we can give you a tour of our facility.
  • Let us know your shoe size if you need rental shoes so we can help you clip in.
  • We have built-in lockers with easy-to-use locks to store your personal items, including cell phones as they are not allowed in the studio.
  • Bottled water is available for purchase or you can fill up at our custom water filtration system
  • For all new riders, a staff member will safely fit you on your bike and demonstrate some key safety pointers.
  • Our instructors want to get to know you! As a new rider, they will meet you at your bike and make sure you are comfortable to ride. Please inform them of any injuries so they can give you modifications.


  • Each class is 45 minutes in duration, including a post-stretch.
  • We ride to the beat of the music to deliver a dynamic choreographed spin class. Your instructor will demonstrate all the drills and cue you in so just have fun!
  • Be sure to always keep some resistance on the wheel. It helps prevent injuries and keeps you safe while on the bike!
  • We ride together to build a stronger, healthier community, so, if you’re ready, let’s go!! Clip in and get ready to focus on YOU for 45 minutes.


  • The instructor will lead you in a cool down stretch immediately following class.
  • Talk to the instructor and let them know about your ride and any tips to help you with form and drills.
  • Catch up with your friends after class and check out the latest CCC apparel.
  • Take a shower and head off to class, work, or enjoy Athens.
  • We are committed to YOU and want to make sure you get the most out of your classes at Classic City Cycling. Stop by the front desk and let us know about your experience.
  • Book your next class so we can keep riding TOGETHER!!
Metered street parking is available throughout downtown Athens or the West Washington St. parking deck is less than 2 blocks away. For clients that book monthly packages, we offer parking vouchers for the W. Washington St. parking deck.
Yes. All first time riders have to create an account to sign a waiver and it’s important for us to know who is riding with us and to have your contact information. You can create an account by clicking on this link: Create a New Account
We are so glad you want to try it out! Please refer to our "What to Expect in a Class" page.
Not a problem! We offer modifications and challenges for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. Be sure tell instructor prior to class if you have any injuries for help with modifications. You can always sit in the saddle and try some of the moves in the saddle. Ultimately, we do not want you trying moves that you do not feel comfortable with that could result in an injury. We want you to feel safe in all moves! If you want some tips on how to perform the moves, please ask the instructor after class.
Most of the class is performed out of the saddle; however, we strongly encourage you to only do what is within your comfort/fitness level. This is a judgement free zone and if you need to sit in the saddle to rest and join back in when you’re ready, we encourage that. We are all different fitness levels and this is not a competition! We are building a stronger, healthier community TOGETHER. Just don’t give up!
Athleisure wear that you feel comfortable riding in and will withstand a hot environment while you sweat. We suggest a tank/tee/sports bra with form-fitting pants or shorts. It is important that you do not wear jeans or loose fitting pants that could get caught in the bike or pedals.
Yes. Our bikes are all LOOK Delta and SPD cleat compatible. It is important that you have cycling shoes due to the choreographed type of class we provide. If you do not have shoes, we have rental shoes on site available for purchase for $2 per class. You can also purchase your own shoes in our merchandise area if you no longer want to rent shoes.
Yes. You will have one song in each class that utilizes weights for upper body work. We have a wide range of weight sizes available so make sure to pick up your desired pair of weights prior to the start of class.
We offer showers with towels and toiletries in each bathroom area.
Classic City Cycling is a welcoming environment and each of our riders is special to us! When you step into the studio, leave all your stress, tension, and obligations behind so that this time is yours and yours alone! We will ride together, but every rider has different goals and expectations they hope to achieve. So, use this time to push yourself every day to accomplish your goals.